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Greensboro Neighborhood Guide: Westerwood

Greensboro neighborhood guide to Westerwood

Westerwood is one of Greensboro’s charming and oldest neighborhoods, with over half the homes built before 1940. Well-maintained and well-established, it’s a little over .3 square miles of beautiful gardens, granite curbs, tree-lined streets, and plenty of architectural variety.

This walkable community has a trail through Lake Daniel Park that ends at Friendly Shopping Center to the west and Moses Cone Hospital to the east. It is convenient to nearby colleges, shopping, and downtown. If you’re into karaoke, stop by Westerwood Tavern, a neighborhood dive bar, on Tuesday and Friday nights. The bar attracts a VERY local crowd but is known for its friendly staff and patrons, which is probably why Yelp named it “The Best Dive Bar in North Carolina.”

Westerwood is close to schools, universities, businesses, and downtown, so many residents are professors, teachers, and entrepreneurs. The community is known for including many residents with artistic talents.

Before receiving designation as a historic district in the early 2000s, Westerwood’s popularity and proximity to college campuses led to the construction of apartments and the conversion of some larger homes into multi/units. The area’s historic status protects the neighborhood’s character as a residential community of mainly single-family homes from the increasing demand for rental housing.

With its passionate community vested in the neighborhood’s character and survival, Westerwood will remain one of Greensboro’s charming historic neighborhoods for many years.

Located in Westerwood:

  • Westerwood Tavern is a neighborhood dive bar known for its friendly people and karaoke nights.
  •  Lake Daniel Park is a green space with a playground, tennis, a walking trail, and picnic shelters.
  •  Borough Coffee started as a coffee business on a mobile trike that pedaled to neighborhoods without coffee shops. The first permanent location is in the owners’ community, Westerwood.
  •  Wylie’s Gourmet Café and Desserts is a locally owned takeout and delivery sub shop. The menu only includes turkey, chicken, and fish options since the cafe doesn’t serve pork or beef. Skeptical? You won’t be after you read their Google Reviews.
  •  Bandito Bodega is one of Greensboro’s favorite food trucks. Their brick-and-mortar location in Westerwood serves a wide range of food, from burritos to fried dumplings to banh mi.
  •  First Baptist Church Greensboro was founded in 1859 and has been at its current location in the heart of Westerwood since 1952.
  •  The Downtown Greenway is a four-mile loop surrounding downtown Greensboro, connecting trails and sites to eight neighborhoods, including Westerwood.
  •  The Black Diamond Backyard is a two-acre educational urban orchard and community garden.
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